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With the Ecommerce industry constantly evolving specifically in the Amazon space, it is vital to learn from to ACTIVE 8-FIGURE AMAZON SELLERS help grow YOUR business online.

Specializing in Retail Arbitrage, Online Arbitrage, Wholesale, and Private Label we offer a unique course covering multiple ways of selling on Amazon. There is no ONE way to be successful on Amazon, but you must focus on what you thrive in!

Identifying your strengths and weaknesses is crucial in structuring an Ecommerce business that works for YOU.


Garland Sullivan

What drives you?

My family. Growing up, my family was able to come and support me. I want to be able to not only do that for them but also my future family.

Who is your role model?

My role model is my dad. He’s an entrepreneur and has taught me many life lessons. If I am able to be half the man he is, I’ll be happy.

Favorite thing about E-Commerce

The ability to be able to provide people products all over the world through an online marketplace fascinates me. Being able to make sales while on vacation is pretty awesome too!

Style of selling you ENJOY MOST

I enjoy retail arbitrage and wholesale. Building relationships and negotiating makes this Game we play worth it. Being able to build teams, and create life long relationships, that’s what it’s all about!

Max Abreu

What drives you?

I love learning and we’re in an industry that is evolving constantly. This pushes me to move forward and continue to learn in order to stay ahead. I’m also driven by the fact that I want to financially support my current family who supported me growing up and my future family.

Who is your role model?

Two of my role models are Todd White & Dan Mohler. Both are Christians that are sold out for Jesus and have made it such a reality in their everyday life that it aspires me to grow closer in my relationship with Jesus.

Favorite thing about E-Commerce

I enjoy being able to be part of an industry that’s revolutionizing the world we live in. Every single day eCommerce continues to grow and it feels good being able to ride the wave of innovation as opposed to being stuck in the past and getting left behind.

Style of selling you ENJOY MOST

I enjoy OA and PL the most since both of them can be done from a computer anywhere in the world at anytime. I love stacking the discounts in OA and seeing that many times we can buy things cheaper than we could wholesale. I love PL because of the potential of being able to build something that you can call your own and potentially sell at a later date.

Brandon Young

What drives you?

The biggest motivation I have is giving back. As an angel investor, I invest my time and money in projects that do good for others. My Amazon business has given me the freedom to travel more and provide for my family way beyond what is possible working for someone else. But more importantly, it has given me the ability to make the world a better place.

Who is your role model?

My father taught me that we are put on this Earth to do good. And I do my best to live by that philosophy.

Style of selling you ENJOY MOST

My style of selling is 100% Private Label. This style is scalable and provides a lot of freedom to do this business from anywhere. I can communicate with suppliers and manage my products from any hotel in the world. As I see students go from 0 to financial freedom, as we have, I feel like my students will go on to hire and help others and this is fulfilling. Let’s make the world a better place.


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In just over a month a couple of our Inner Circle members have already 10xed their Amazon business. In our Inner Circle, we share specialized content and live updates going on in the Amazon world. When you have the proper training, hustle, and systems in place there is no reason to not CRUSH it on Amazon!


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Meet gARY…

Gary joined the Seller Systems’ inner circle a few months back and this is what he had to say about his journey so far….

“I want to thank Seller Systems for the information, certitude, and inspiration to help me start a business with Amazon. This program has given me insight into a different way of finding financial freedom and providing new opportunities for myself. The Seller Systems team not only provides the foundation for selling on Amazon, but go above and beyond to make sure that any questions or concerns are answered. I definitely recommend Seller Systems programs to anyone that is interesting in being an entrepreneur and that would like to own their own businesses.”





The practice of finding a purchase opportunity in products from a retail storefront to sell for a profit. Using tactics such as coupon stacking, purchasing with discounted gift cards, and special in-store sales toArbitrage and drive down buy cost.

Preferred Skills Required: Relationship building, Analytical skills, People skills, Time management, and Stamina (you’ll be on your feet for hours).


The practice of finding a purchase opportunity in products from ecommerce sites to sell for a profit. Using tactics such as discount codes, cashback sites, purchasing with discounted gift cards, and special sale promotions to Arbitrage and drive down buy cost.

Preferred Skills Required: Analytical skills, Time management, and Patience.


Establishing relationships with existing brands to buy direct at wholesale cost and resell.

Preferred Skills Required: Relationship building, Analytical skills, People skills, Patience, Sales background a plus, and negotiation skills.



Identifying opportunity in a market for a product, sourcing the product from a manufacturer, branding the product, listing and launching the product.  

Preferred Skills Required: Strong Analytical skills, Patience, Creativity, and negotiation skills.

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Is it too late to start selling on Amazon? Is Amazon done growing?

With 52% of all sales on Amazon coming from 3rd party sellers like us the opportunity is still MASSIVE to jump in!

If selling on Amazon is so easy, why isn’t everyone doing it?

80% of people won’t take action even with the information and instructions right in front of them. However, the small % that do are the hustlers that create financial success.

How much capital do you recommend starting with?

We recommend 3-5k to start. We started with 0% interest intro credit cards out of college. Get creative!

Do we get access to garland, brandon or max after we sign up?

YES! Included with sign up for our Complete Course you get 1 year access to our Inner Circle Facebook group where we post discussions and go live once a week for #OFFICEHOURS to answer any questions that may have come up during the week.

what happens after the first year?

When you sign up for the Seller Systems Course, you get placed in a private group with those that started at the same time as you. You will always be able to connect with those same people; however, if you would still like access to Brandon, Garland and Max it is $497 annually to stay in the Inner Circle.

What’s in the Inner Circle?

Refer to question: “Are you guys available for questions after we sign up?”

How many hours a week do I need to dedicate to be successful?

The ball is in your court. The tools are there for you to use. If you want to create an empire on Amazon you will need to WORK! If your goal is to create some side income, we have students who are only working 20-25 hours a week from home doing Online Arbitrage making $100k annually!

Can I do this part time?


What style of selling would you recommend?

We preach the importance of self-awareness. For example: someone who thrives at dealing with people and building relationships probably won’t be best fit for a business model that requires sitting in front of a computer 6 hours a day and vice-versa. You need to identify what YOU’RE good at and tailor your business to match your strengths.

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